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Evade on small ships

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If I am using evade at long range, and I am a smaller ship, I can discard 2 dice; 1 for the effect, and 1 additional if I discard my token I spend. 

If that token is already being discarded, I cannot gain the additional effect of discarding a second die, correct? 

Or could you gain the ability to affect a second die even though you are already discarding the token?

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I am uncertain what you mean by "already being discarded".

From what I can understand, you are asking if an exhausted Evade token can be "spent" and then also "discarded" for being able to effect an additional die. If you read the topic on "Defense Tokens" you will find that it states that yes, you can "spend" and then also "discard" either a readied or exhausted Evade token to affect an additional die if the attacking ship is of a larger size class.


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