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Immobilize Tokens vs Spur

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If Operative Vader has an Immobilize Token, making his max speed 0, can he use Spur to make a Speed-1 Move?

I believe the answer is no, because...

- Under the Immobilize Tokens entry (pg 50) we find: "A unit whose maximum speed is 0 and has at least one immobilize token cannot perform moves of any kind."  Therefore we cannot perform any moves...

- Spur (pg 75): "While a unit with the spur keyword performs a move, it may gain 1 suppression token to increase its maximum speed by 1."  Which means we must be making a move in order to utilize Spur.

- Since we cannot perform a move, allowing Vader to trigger Spur, we never get to the "add bonuses before subtracting penalties" process for determining our Move's total Speed.  Vader simply cannot perform a Move.

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