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Embark/Disembark and Free Actions

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Do abilities that trigger after a move action (Agile/Tactical and/or Steady/Charge/Relentless) trigger after an Embark/Disembark move?

The section for Tactical (and similar language in Agile) states: "A unit with tactical x gains x aim tokens only after it performs a standard move action." The section for Embark/Disembark states: "Embarking and disembarking are not standard moves." There is also the relatively well-known interaction that Speed-X moves do not trigger any of the abilities mentioned above in bold, changed in a recent RRG update.

However, in spite of those, there is an additional bullet point under Embark/Disembark: "Any abilities that trigger after a unit performs a move action trigger after a unit performs a move action to embark or disembark, if able." This seems directly contrary to all of the above, and I'm unsure if there might be a grandfathered-in bullet point somewhere that is tripping me and others up.

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Hey there,

Embark/disembark is a move action that includes a speed-1 move as a part of the embark/disembark move action. Therefore, it can be used to trigger keywords such as steady and relentless, but not other abilities such as tactical x or agile x. 

Hopefully that clears it up! 


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