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Cluster missile confusion!!!!!

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If you have made your initial attack with cluster missiles, and are going to perform the bonus attack are all of  the below true?  

1 - you must spend an additional charge 

2 - the ship being attacked must be within range 0 - 1 of the initial target 

3 - the ship being targeted must still be within range one or two of the attacker. 

4 - the attacker must still retain the target lock on the initial ship to make the attack. 

5 - the attacker cannot use the target lock on the bonus attack…

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A ship that attacked with the Cluster Missiles card can perform a bonus attack against another ship at range 1 of the original defender and ignore the lock requirement to do so. The range restriction (1–2), attack arc (front arc), and cost (spending 1 charge) are maintained for the bonus attack.

As you ignore the lock requirements when attacking the second target, you may spend the lock on the initial attack, but as the lock is on the original defender and not on the second target you would not be able to spend a lock to reroll your attack dice during the bonus attack unless you had a lock on that target as well through other means such as R3 Astromech.

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