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Vader (advanced x1) Advanced Targeting Computer Timing

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I was just looking for some clarification for the timing window of Darth Vader's ability for his Tie X1 after a situation came up today that was different from what I was under the impression of how it occurs. Darth Vader's tie advanced ability reads

Advanced Targeting Computer: While you perform a primary attack against a defender you have locked, roll 1 additional attack die and change 1 hit result to a crit result.

Once you roll your first results with the additional die because of the lock do you get to change 1 hit to a crit then spend the target lock to re roll the remaining results or do you only choose to use the target lock or use the ability after rolling? I had a 4 dice roll with a hit ( that I would change to a crit) and other results I wanted to re-roll by spending the target lock, is it only one or the other? Thank you.

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Yes. Changing a die and rerolling dice are both forms of dice modification. When a player is modifying their dice, they modify them in the order of their choosing. Bear in mind that bar certain abilities, you cannot reroll a die that has already been rerolled. 

In your example, after rolling dice, you would change the single hit result to a critical hit result (per Advanced Targeting Computer), then spend the lock to reroll the remaining 3 blank results. 

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