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So here's the scenario:

1. Mysterio spends 4 points to play The Grand Illusion.

2. My Turn ends. 

3. Enemy activates a character within R3 of Mysterio. 

4. Enemy character targets Mysterio with an attack and attack type.

5. Enemy character rolls attack dice. 

6. Enemy character rolls 3 crits, 1 hit, 1 block, and 1 Skull. 

7. Allied Mysterio rolls 1 crit, 1 block, 2 hits, 1 skull.

8. Enemy does not roll in additional dice from his 3 crits as per The Grand Illusion. 

9. Allied Mysterio rolls in 1 additional die for his crit.

10. Enemy character has no re-rolls.

11. Allied Mysterio has no re-rolls

12. Enemy character has no way to modify the defenders dice.

13. Mysterio then modifies the enemy crit results to skulls. 

14. Final dice results are in. No damage is being dealt to Mysterio.

15. Enemy character now plays Recalibration Matrix.

16. Enemy character rerolls all his dice and scores 2 crits and 1 hit, the rest are failures. 

17. Mysterio rolls 1 block. 

At this point, does The Grand Illusion change the enemies 2 crits to 2 skulls still? The Grand Illusion says Mysterio changes crits to skulls. Is this effect just always "on". Fyi, The Illusion does have a token to place next to Mysterio just for this card FWIW.



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15 hours ago, Negoldar said:

The modification done by The Grand Illusion happens during step 9 of the timing chart (Appendix A). Recalibration Matrix happens after step 9 so any newly rolled Critical results will remain Criticals and not be changed to Failures.

So does Recalibration Matrix not "reset" the roll? Those newly rolled crits won't pop because they were re-rolled right?

Just based on the reading of Grand Illusion, it feels like Recalibration Matrix is granting a new attack roll which would be covered under the umbrella of "until the cleanup phase, when an enemy within 3 makes an attack, defense, or dodge roll". Is the card worded wrong?

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