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When does a model actually receive an activation token?

The rulebook says on page 14, “Once a character has made all of its actions, place an Activated Token on its stat card”

The context that that sentence exists in suggests that this is the game term “actions”. Meaning you’d receive it after performing two actions, even if the character has more things it could do.

The tactic card “All you’ve got” says an activation token is gained at the end of a characters activation.

This suggests it’s tied more to a declaration, similar to ending a players turn.

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The model gains the Activated token after performing the second action. The activation actually ends when the player declares it over.

In the case of All You've Got, the card is played after the second action and before it would gain an Activated token. The character can finish any superpowers, interacts, etc. and then declare the activation is over. 

The second activation then immediately begins. After two actions, the Activated token is placed and any other abilities that don't cost an action can be used (superpowers, interacts, etc.). The activation ends when the player declares it over.

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