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Maul and Infiltrate

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With Maul and Infiltrate, there seems to be an interaction in need of an FAQ and update to the RRG eventually. It seems clear that this is unintended and I want to ensure it's clarified officially.

The RRG states on page 26 has these two key bullet points in the Command Cards section:


Each command card that has not been returned to a player’s
command hand is discarded during the End Phase and its
effect ends.


Some command cards allow specific units to gain keywords.
The specified unit has that keyword as long as the command
card is in play.

So, when Maul divulges The Phantom Menace command card, the timing of it is as follows:

1. The Phantom Menace is divulged.
2. Maul gains Infiltrate.
3. The effect of Maul and the DRK-1s being unable to interact with objectives goes into effect and lasts for the duration of the turn as per the first clause above.
4. The Phantom Menace is discarded.
5. Maul loses Infiltrate as per the second clause above. 
6. We start deployment, at which point Maul never had an opportunity to use Infiltrate.

This results in a situation where Maul has a keyword they were clearly intended to be able to use, however the timing as laid out in the RRG prevents him from ever being able to use it.

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