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Force Push Clarification

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Hello, I was hoping to get clarification on the rules for Force Push.

1.) If the only mini that is within range 1 is not the leader of the unit can you still target the whole unit with Force Push?

2.) If so, who does the speed-1 maneuver in that unit, the leader of the unit or the mini that was targeted?

3.) Depending on which mini does the speed-1 maneuver from question 2, who decides the cohesion of the rest of the unit (the owner or the player who used Force Push) and how do you do cohesion if it is the non-leader unit that is moved?

4.) If the Force Push player moves the enemy units and does the cohesion after the speed-1 move can they initiate melee through the cohesion by touching a non-leader unit base to their Jedi/Sith who used Force Push?

Thank You for helping answer these questions

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Hey there, 

1. Thats correct. Force push targets a unit, so any model in the unit is a valid way to initiate the push. 

2. Movement usually originates from the unit leader. Even if a non unit leader was in range, you’d still perform the speed 1 move from the unit leader. 

3. The player who performed the force push would move the unit leader and handle cohesion. 

4. No. An engagement is started when a unit leader makes contact with an enemy miniature. 


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