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Moving obstacles toward

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Moving an obstacle toward something says:
This movement must be measured directly toward the other component, along a line from the closest point on the obstacle to the closest point on the other component.

If I pick up the obstacle, using a range ruler planted between the closest points of the two objects, sliding the obstacle to the left or right (relatively to the line between the closest points) permitted? Granted to obstacle's small portion still touches this line.

The case was that a ship was between the Rift and (Doomed) Station so the station didn't fit between the rift and the ship. It was argued that the station could go in front of the ship because it would still touch the line drawn between the original place and the rift.

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Hello. 🙂

No, it is not permitted.
When resolving the "Toward" keyword, move the obstacle centrally along the line as shown in the "Moving Obstacles" example found on page 13 of the Rules Reference Guide.
The obstacle may still be freely rotated, as long as it is done centrally along the line.

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