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Exogorths Line of Sight and Obstruction

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From RR on Exogorth Obstacles:

Line of Sight: When tracing line of sight to or from an exogorth, trace the line using the point of the token that is closest to the opposing squadron. Attacks that draw line of sight through the exogorth itself or through an obstacle that the exogorth is touching are not obstructed.

Is the second sentence referencing attacks made by the exogorth or all attacks including ships and squadrons?

I wanted to be certain those sentences are referenced together and not separate. Based on the first sentence, how would the exogorth ever trace LOS through itself? Or is it referencing other exogorth attacks?

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Correct, it is referencing to attacks only made by the Exogorth when it conducts attacks. Its attacks cannot be obstructed by itself, or the chosen obstacle it is touching.

All other attacks when tracing Line of Sight would still be obstructed unless otherwise specified. 

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