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Boarding Cards

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Okay, this may seem like an easy one;

On the boarding cards, both named and generic, it states that to use the card you have to use a command dial or token and discard the card.

The question is, is the OR or the AND the keyword?

A) So do you use the command dial, which has greater effect OR a token and discard the card to use the effect.

B) Do you use the command dial or a token AND discard the card no matter which one is used to use the effect.

My argument is that the command dial has a greater effect and using just that has a greater impact. As well as the cards taking TWO upgrade card slots. It would seem a waste to give up two slots just for a single use card. Unless desperate and using a token. Also the ships that can use them to greatest effect would have to plan the dials way in advance to pull of using a command dial. Whereas a token can be saved from turn to turn to get a the "single" use effect.

Thank you

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