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Difference between Scout and Scouting Party on Hostage Exchange

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What is difference between Scouting Party and Scout on Hostage Exchange? As I understand from the forums, Scout is not allowed to be used on Hostage Exchange but Scouting Party is allowed. However, Scouting Party says that after you use the Scout X keyword you may give the move of X to another (Y) unit(s). But if you can't use Scout on Hostage Exchange how can you proc the Scouting Party? 

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Hey there,

That's correct. Scout triggers when a unit is deployed on the battlefield. The trigger for scout x has been passed by the time you want to use the keyword. However, scouting party x is worded a little differently: 

  • "...After a unit with the scouting party x keyword uses the scout keyword, it may choose up to x friendly trooper units at range 1–2 that have not performed a move using the scout keyword..."

Therefore, a unit that has a hostage equipped is unable to use the scout keyword, because they are placed on the battlefield before you can use the keyword, but can still be effected by Scouting Party because they are on the table when a unit with the keyword performs a scout move. 

Hope that helps! 



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