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Yoda and a single force interaction (piggybacking)

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It's been previously answered about Yoda and regenerating the spending of multiple force tokens at the same time (for example spend 2, recover 2, which works). 

But it's not been clarified about the spending, regeneration and then spending again of a singular force in the same dice roll. For example a Jedi Knight rolls evade dice and rolls 2 eyeballs and a blank, as the Jedi Knight has only 1 force available (or alternatively a named pilot with only 1 force charge active), can the Jedi Knight spend that force to change one result, recover a force back through Yoda and then immediately spend that force to alter the second eyeball result and then recover another force through Yoda again, so essentially piggybacking one force over and over in the same dice roll?

As an added bonus to this question, the knight in question is allowed a reroll on the blank evade and rolls another eyeball, would they be able to spend force again on this result and recover yet another charge? (I feel like this is mostly yes as it's a separate interaction, but just to be crystal clear on this). 

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There is no specific timing window in the modify dice step that dictates how and in what order tokens must be spent.

For example an attacking ship with two calculate tokens and a lock that rolls hit, focus, blank could do the following:

  • Spend 1 calculate to convert the focus into a hit result
  • Then spend it's lock to reroll the blank into a focus
  • Then spend the other calculate token to convert the newly rerolled focus result into a hit result

With this in mind, you could spend 1 force, recover that force using Yoda's ability, spend that recovered force, and recover it again using Yoda.


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