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Vult Skerris Pilot Ability vs Equipped Upgrades

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Action: Gain 1 strain token to recover 1 (charge)

Now, could you conceivably use this to recover charges on any equipped upgrades too, as there is no stipulation regarding where the charge needs to be recovered from.

For the sake of completeness too, can you spend any charge on any card to trigger the “perform an action” as noted in the secondary part of the pilot ability?

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No, Vult Skerris' ability does not allow him to recover a charge from a different card.

From the Rules Reference:

Q: Can a ship use Elusive [Talent] to recover charges on other upgrades by fully executing red maneuvers?
A: No. Elusive and other effects that refer to recovering charges only apply to the charges of that specific card, unless the effect explicitly states otherwise (such as Chopper [Rebel, Crew]).

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