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Units with counterparts: suffering wounds

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From the rrg:

When the combined unit suffers wounds, any mini can be 
assigned any number of those wounds, as decided by the 
player that controls that unit, regardless of whether the 
attacking unit has line of sight to that mini.
» A counterpart mini must be defeated before a 
non-counterpart mini.

I would like to confirm, this means e.g. r2d2 can suffer wounds, and c3p0 can suffer a wound, until each has 1 health remaining. Then, c3p0 must be defeated. Then r2d2 can be defeated. Correct procedure? 

So i can keep c3p0 alive until r2d2 is down to 1 health?

So the unit with counterparts does not follow the same rules of suffering wounds as per other multi-mini units?


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