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Compulsory move outside battlefield, takes damage or is destroyed?

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Hello There!

On page 28, under Compulsory Move, it says:


To perform a compulsory move, the unit performs a full move at its maximum speed. If it cannot do so, or if a full move would cause any part of the unit leader’s base to be outside the battlefield, it can perform a partial move instead, ending its movement as far along the movement template as possible. If the unit performs a partial movement in this way, the unit  suffers a number of wounds equal to its maximum speed.

Then it says:


» As the unit leader moves along a movement tool, if at any point the unit leader's base is outside of the battlefield, the unit is defeated.

So, it takes damage or is destroyed?

Thank you!


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Hey there, 

The two are not mutually exclusive, but rather a “first one then the other”. The unit is destroyed if it goes off the table. It can (player choice) reduce its speed and take damage to avoid moving off the table. When performing the partial move, you still can’t go off the table.

Hope that helps! 


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