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Rift Ambush: P1 Add-Yaw Effects

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If I'm player one and playing my opponent's Rift Ambush, can I apply any add-yaw effects I may have to the mandatory speed-1 maneuver?



I am player 1.

Player 2 brought Rift Ambush, and I chose it.

I have Take Evasive Action active this round.

I am flying at speed 1.

I end my maneuver at distance 1-2 of the rift, and must execute a speed-1 maneuver with yaw "-".

Can I apply Take Evasive Action to get a yaw of "I" instead?


Similarly, would this change if I instead used Moff Jerjerrod while traveling at speed 1?

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Great question!
For the objective Rift Ambush,

No. The first player cannot add any yaw effects, to the forced executed maneuvers . As those maneuvers "must" be conducted "with yaw "-".".

The second player may add yaw effects to the forced executed maneuvers.

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