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Luminara Unduli + Thermal Shields

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The timing window for Thermal Shields from my understanding is the token is spent and effect happen during the attack step. After the opponent gathers dice, and before they are rolled and modified by the attacker.

Does the use of Thermal Shields spending the brace count towards Luminara's count of tokens spent? Her card says "after the spend defense token step if it spent fewer than 2 tokens", but Thermal Shields brace was spent before that step, during the attack step. 

Thank you.

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The entity of an attack is "while attacking" for an attacker and is equivalent to "while defending" for the defender. There is no separation, it all falls under "Attack". Please review the "Attack" topic in RRG to further understand the steps of an attack.

Yes. At any point in an "Attack" if the defender spends fewer than 2 defense tokens, regardless of when in the "attack" those defense tokens were "spent", you are able to resolve Luminara Unduli (commander) effect.

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