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Mastery's and Immune:Deflect

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if a unit fires a weapon that has immune:deflect on it, can a jedi that does not have deflect but has a mastery instead that has a similar function still do damage back? 

For example a Droideka shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Droideka has Immune:Deflect on its weapon, can Obi-Wan spend a dodge and do 1 wound to the Droideka for each Surge he rolls? he does not have the deflect keyword but is doing something very similar? in this particular case can the Droideka spend a shield to not take a wound token?


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Hey there,

In the RRG, Soresu Mastery has the following bullet:

• If soresu mastery is used against an attack that includes the immune: deflect keyword, it cannot cause wounds to the attacker.

Each mastery in the RRG will have clarifications like this if they apply to similar keywords - Anakin Skywalkers djem so mastery has the same clarification. 


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