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Concussion bombs and replacement effect for dropping them

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I think the answer to this is pretty straightforward but I'm in doubt: Concussion bomb card says (after errata):


During the System Phase, if any of this card's are inactive, you must spend 1 to drop 1 concussion bomb, if able, using the 1-straight template. Otherwise, you may spend 1 to drop 1 concussion bomb.

Assuming I have spent a charge earlier in the game, when I must drop the next concussion bomb during System Phase, does that mean I have to use the 1-straight? For example, can I use Trajectory Simulator, Skilled Bombardier, Emon Azzameen ability or Finch Dallow ability to drop the bomb in another way?

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Concussion Bomb's "must" forces you to spend a charge and drop the bomb using the 1-straight template.  As you do so, you may use replacement effect abilities to alter that 1 template drop.

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