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Hello, in case I ask:

When thanos wears 2 infinity gems, if one of them is the Power gem, it is said that this character gains 2 powers to have a gem, if there are two:

1 / Thanos recovers 2 energy (power gem) + 1 energy (for the other gem)? therefore 3.

2 / Or 2 energy + 2 energy for each gem (thanks to the gem of power)? therefore 4.

(I think he gets 3 thanks to the gems, but since the power doesn't specify it, and it is a continuous power, I wanted to know)

Thank you 🙂

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The power gems special rule only applies to itself, it doesn’t apply to other gems.

That means that option 1 is correct, he would gain 3 power as a result of the gems.

He would gain 4 power overall including the base 1 power that a character gains in the power phase.

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