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"Multiple things" FAQ Entry

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Q: When an effect lists multiple things happening but I cannot do
part of the effect, do the other portions of the effect still happen?

A: Superpowers or special rules that list a series of events that
are related must meet each event for the next event to occur. For
example, the Martial Prowess super power states Gamora rolls 5
defense dice instead of her normal defense. It then goes on to state
if she suffers no damage from the attack an effect occurs. If she were
to use Martial Prowess and something else were to occur causing
her to no longer roll defense dice the secondary effect would not

Some Innate superpowers will also list additional effects. When
this happens either a line break will separate the effects or the word
Additionally will appear showing that this is now a new effect.

The portion of the FAQ entry I've bolded very specifically calls out Innate superpowers.

However I believe the clarification of a line break or the word additionally separating out effects within the same power applies to all card entries and not just Innate superpowers.

Is that correct or does it actually only apply to Innate superpowers?

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