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Charge, Versatile and the Nature of Attacks

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When a unit with charge moves into melee they are allowed to perform a free melee attack, does this then allow them to use a versatile weapon to make a ranged attack against another unit? The way I understand it, splitting fire is one attack with multiple defenders so would the versatile weapon be unable to fire at range because the whole attack is melee?

The broader question being can attacks be both ranged and melee? The RRG includes the bullet point:

  • There are two types of attacks: ranged and melee.

    • »  During a ranged attack, the attacker and defender are not in a melee, and the attacker can use only weapons that have a blue range icon.

    • »  During a melee attack, the attacker and defender are in a melee, and the attacker can use only weapons that have a red melee icon.

Which seems to be pretty binary, an attack cannot be both ranged and melee, meaning you could only shoot a versatile weapon if you didn't make any kind of melee attack. This is also relevant to vehicles such as the AT-ST, using its cutting blades to attack a unit in melee and also shooting with its main gun at another unit. Because of this some clarification on whether attacks can include both ranged and melee components would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there,

Your question has two parts, so let me respond to them in sequence: 

1. You can use Charge to make a melee attack. The attack may be made with a weapon with melee range, regardless of whether it is also ranged or utilized Versatile. You may not use Charge to shoot out of combat/at range with Versatile.

2. Yes, you can use a melee and ranged attack as part of an attack that utilizes Arsenal x. You can form a ranged attack pool and a melee attack pool, which allows each to be distinct and include both components. 


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