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Exemplar and Standby

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I encountered a problem in a game last night.

Under standby, the RRG includes the following paragraph on spending a standby: (I believe the only part of the RRG that references the trigger for standby spending)

After an enemy unit attacks, moves, or performs an action, if that unit is at range 1–2 and in line of sight of a unit with a standby token, that unit may spend that standby token to perform a free attack action or a free move action.

Only a unit that has a standby token is given the opportunity to spend it, so even though exemplar allows units to spend other units standby tokens there is no window where this is possible.

My opponent used this to argue that standby sharing wasn't allowed by the rules, and while we eventually agreed not to play it that way it would be nice if this particular point was cleared up as there really doesn't seem to be another way to interpret this.

Thanks again

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Hey there,

Exemplar allows a unit within range 1-2 to spend green tokens "including aim, dodge, stand, and surge tokens". Therefore, Exemplar allows another unit to spend a standby token as if it were it's own (which would then trigger in the above window). 


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