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Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto power

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Want to make sure I'm playing this right.  

"This character my modify and reroll skull dice results.  This character my reroll all of its attack or defense dice once per attack."

So I interpret this as I can reroll any number of skull dice results I get on attack of defense dice, AND additionally I can reroll the whole dice pool once per attack?

This right?

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That is incorrect.

The first sentence means Doctor Strange breaks the rule that would normally stop failures from being rerolled or modified. 

The second sentence gives him one reroll of the whole dice roll on attack and defense (including failures). 

If there are other rerolls available to Doctor Strange, you would be able to reroll failures with them due to the first sentence of Eye of Agamotto as well. 

Edit for clarity. 

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On it’s own, Eye of Agamotto grants 1 full reroll for an attack/defense roll.  

Due to it also allowing Doctor Strange to modify/reroll failures, you will include failures in the reroll.

If there are any other reroll effects available to Doctor Strange, those rerolls can be used on failures due to the first part of Eye of Agamotto. 

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