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Adaptive Ailerons and Obstacles

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I was wondering if you when you use Adaptive Ailerons  and you overlap obstacles do you still take the effects of obstacles?

For instance do you lose your perform action step before you execute your dial maneuver? Or do you still get your actions since you have not revealed your dial yet?

Thank you!

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Yes, Adaptive Ailerons cause you to execute a maneuver, and you would suffer the effects of obstacles.  Moving through or overlapping an asteroid would cause you to roll for damage, a debris cloud would stress you and cause you to roll for damage, and a gas cloud would cause you to roll for strain.


Q: Do TIE Strikers (and Reapers) skip their perform action step if they overlap an asteroid or another ship with their Aileron’s ability maneuver?
A: No. It is only during the Execute Maneuver step that a ship skips its Perform Action step for overlapping a ship or obstacle.

So no, you would not skip your Perform Action step if you move through or overlap an asteroid or gas cloud with Adaptive Ailerons.  (While this FAQ entry does not specifically reference gas clouds, this explanation also covers that interaction as well.)

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