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Odd Ball + move effects + Ahsoka(delta squad)

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Hey there!

Odd Ball's ability says: "While attacking, if you moved during this activation, you may reroll up to 2 dice."

What does this activation explicitly mean and how does it interact with move effects like Fighter Coordination Team and such. How does Ahsoka Tano the squadron interacts with this combo?


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Hello! Great question!

"This Activation" means whatever is currently "activated", either Odd Ball themselves or another squadron or ship.

There is no short answer to this explanation, so I apologize in advance.
The key point here is "WHOM's" activation this is when a squadron is moved by Fighter Coordination Team.
A squadron is not activated when “moved” by Fighter Coordination Team, as it is currently the ships activation.

I’ll lay out an example of how Fighter Coordination Team, Odd Ball and Ahsoka Tano (squadron) interact.

Let's say we have a Pelta Medical Frigate that has Fighter Coordination Team equipped, and also Odd Ball and Ahsoka Tano (squadron) are near.

After completing its maneuver, the Pelta Medical Frigate is at close-medium range of both Odd Ball and Ahsoka and chooses to move Odd Ball first. Odd Ball moves up to distance 1. Then Ahsoka is moved up to distance 1, and uses their card effect to target Odd Ball.

Odd Ball attacks and is able to use their card effect to reroll up to 2 dice, because Odd Ball moved "this activation" as the activation is still the Pelta Medical Frigate.

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