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End of activation, Bleed + healing factor, crisis damage + healing factor

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End of activation, two scenarios:

(1) A character with healing factor is holding the Kree Core and did not attack. Rule book orders player effects over crisis effects. Healing factor first then crisis, correct?

(2) a character with healing factor has the bleed status and no actions remaining. What happens?

Prior ruling through FB messenger refers to “neutral” effects taking place after player effects. Bleed damage is not an enemy effect -is it a player effect, a neutral effect, or a crisis effect? When is it resolved and who chooses the order?

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Special conditions are neutral non-player effects. When the timing chart doesn’t otherwise specify a timing window, they will resolve after other player effects. 

In this case, Healing Factor (a player effect) will resolve before Bleed (a non-player effect). 

This will be made more clear in the future. 

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