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Klick vs Grand Inquisitor

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Hello folks! How does it work the interaction between the grand Inquisitor (Pilot) and Klick?

Specifically, in the case Klick has a TL on the Inquisitor (or on his target):

1) Which player activate their effect first? Attacker, defender or by initiative?

2) (if the Inquisitor "modifies" first) can I spend Klick charge to prevent the range bonus granted by the inquisitor ability?

3) If Klick uses his ability for a range 3 shot, does it block both the range 1 bonus (granted by the inquisitor) and the range 3 bonus?

4)(If Klick "modifies" first) Can I spend Klick charge when the inquisitor make a shot at range 2-3? Does this prevent the inquisitor from using his pilot ability?

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Because both abilities trigger while a player defends or performs an attack, player order will determine how they are entered into the ability queue.

However, no matter the player order, "Klick" (Nimbus-class V-Wing) prevents the range bonus. 

If Grand Inquisitor (TIE Advanced v1) is player one, the Range Bonus is triggered, then 'Klick" can trigger to prevent it.

If Grand Inquisitor is player two, "Klick" triggers first, preventing range bonuses, preventing Grand Inquisitor from triggering.

The only difference is if Grand Inquisitor is player one, he CAN spend the force only to have the benefit denied.

With that in mind:

1) Player Order

2) Yes

3) Yes

4) yes


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