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Dubts about Collector format

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I shoud start to play in a few days but I have some dubts:

1) About the format for 4 palyers the only differences between 2 or 4 players game is that the final roster is managed by 2 players instead of 2 correct ? For exemple, all the steps are the same so in step 1 the 2 players receive 2 leaders character and they chose one?

2) How do you suggest to play turn and activation during the game in 4 players teams? Every players in the same team with one rooster controls 2-3 characters ?

2) The rules says "the players will always use a Threat Value of 17 for their mission" . So during the Draft Character step it is better to picking characthers with different threat level to better match the 17 value ? Because from the final formed roster of nine characther you must chose the character matching the max 17 tread level ?

3) The rules says "Players may always choose to use the Affiliation of their leader, even if they do not have a majority of characters from that affiliation in their squad." Can I replace the leader with another one picked during the drafting phase?


Thank you in advance




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 1. It sounds like your under the impression this is a format where four players play together in the same game. Four players can participate in the Draft portion of this format, but you still only play one player vs one player. So a four player Collector event would have two one vs one games.

2. Again, this sounds like your under the impression its more than two players in a game, which its not.

3. It sounds like you may believe you need your squad to have the exact threat level of the mission. Your squad can have a lower threat level than the mission, it just can't exceed the missions threat level. For the rest of this question, the forum isn't really meant for getting into the strategy of the game.

4. I believe this thread should answer this question -


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