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Questions regarding stun

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I want to make sure I understand Stun. The text in the rulebook for Stun says "If an Effect would cause a character to gain more than one power, it gains one power instead."

1) I presume that most of the basic 0 cost powers that gain X damage would only gain 1, regardless of how much damage is dealt (the same if the character being attacked is stunned, they would only gain 1 power).


2) Does this mean that Hulk would only gain 1 power or 2? My initial reading is that the power phase is an effect causing him to gain one power (not reduced) and his superpower would be an effect that caused him to gain 2 (now reduced to 1). So he would gain 2 power, because two different effects are causing him to gain power.


3)If that is not the case, and Hulk gains only 1 power, I presume that things like Asgardian and Infinity Gems will only ever gain a stunned character a single power, as well.

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