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Self Destruct Interactions

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• A self-destruct attack is a free action with the following effect: Perform an attack using a unit’s self-destruct weapon against each unit (friendly and enemy) at range 1 and in line of sight of the unit performing the self-destruct action.

• After performing all attacks, the unit performing the self-destruct attack is defeated and removed from play.

• Self-destruct attacks are ranged attacks.

A few questions from the above:

  1. As written, this is a ranged attack at range 1. This means that units in melee are not valid targets of the attack. Is that intended?
  2. These are treated as ranged attacks and there is no mention of spending tokens. Can you confirm that it is valid to use aim and surge tokens on a self destruct attack?

From https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/3022-self-destruct-and-attack-actions/


Thats correct. Self Destruct is an attack, so it can be used during the same activation that you perform an attack action. 

I think there is a "not" missing somewhere in this reply since only one attack can be made per round. Can you clarify?


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Hey there, 

1. Self destruct can target units that are in a melee with the unit that is making a self destruct attack. 

2. No mention is made because they follow all rules that apply to a unit making an attack “with that weapon”. A units surge conversion, aim tokens, and other unit keywords would all be valid for a self destruct attack. 

3. The ruling is correct. You are limited to one attack action during your activation. Self destruct is an attack, so it is completely legal to make a regular attack action and then trigger your self destruct attack, similar to making an attack action with Veers and then using “Maximum Firepower” to attack another unit. 


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