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Swapping Unit Leaders with multiple wounds (Fives, Echo etc)

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If an enemy kills my unit leader before other minis in that unit by some cover shenanigans etc, i would have to replace one of the other minis with the unit leader. If that is a unit leader with 2 wounds or more like Fives or Echo e.g. how does that happen? Do i just swap out a simple Phase 1 Clone for the 2 Wound Fives Miniature, thereby "gaining" one wound on the squad?

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Hey there,

Wounds in the RRG has the following bullet: 

  • If a mini with the leader keyword and a wound threshold of 2 is defeated while in a unit with a wound threshold of 1, replace one of the remaining minis in that unit as normal, then assign the mini with the leader keyword 1 wound token.

So in this case, you would replace the remaining miniature with the unit leader, and place a wound token on it. 


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