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Thanos UE: Incredible physical conditioning

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While playing the Thanos UE for the first time a question arose. The player controlling Thanos would modify his defense dices for both the attacks and defense rolls.

Is this super power limited to attacks only? He argued that the SP mentions he can modify and reroll Failures but the SP only mentions rerolling attacks and not defense.

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The superpower is not limited to attacks only, it has several rules that affect different aspects of the game.

It appears the point of contention is the part of the superpower that says "This character may modify and reroll failure dice results."

This is providing the character permission to modify/reroll failure results, which is normally not available per the core rules of the game. This part of the rule is not actually providing you any rerolls though, it is only providing you permission to reroll failure results if you have another rule that provides rerolls.

This means that nothing in this superpower itself provides the ability to reroll defense dice.

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