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Rolling dice for Spider-Infected

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Are the characters holding the Infected Citizens on the crisis Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan considered rolling the dice?

For example would this effect trigger the following:

Doctor Octopus's Scientific Hubris,

Beast's Disconcerting, Yet Provacative,

Shuri's Head of Wakanda R&D,

Mysterio's Master of Illusions,

Doctor Strange's Shield of the Seraphim





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On 9/8/2021 at 12:18 PM, Acedentprone said:

Just to clarify, that is the situation for whenever you have to roll dice for a character?  

For example Sin's leadership would then trigger all the above abilities as well (assuming you rolled the appropriate result to do so).

Yes, it will trigger those superpowers since you are rolling a die for the character, which counts as the character rolling their own dice.

These superpowers will generate power when the character is rolling its own dice/dice for itself.

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