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Questions for the new upgrade:

"Electro-Chaff Cloud is an obstacle". This means seismic charges, Trickshot, Blackout abilities, etc works on this right?

"While a ship defends, if the attack is obstructed by the cloud, it rolls 1 additional defense die." an obstructed shot will give the defender 2 additional defense dice, or only 1?

Can we put an additional fuse marker to the Electro-Chaff Cloud with delayed fuses, so it remains not 2 but 3 rounds?


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Electro-Chaff Clouds are an obstacle and not a bomb, mine or device. As such, they behave in a similar manner to other obstacles, including being affected by seismic charges, etc. You cannot place additional fuse markers on the Electro-Chaff Cloud.

The wording around obstructing defines what happens when an attack is obstructed by an Electro-Chaff cloud. Similar to Asteroids and Debris Clouds, the defender rolls 1 additional defense die and nothing else, unlike Gas Clouds which allows the defender to change a blank result to an evade result in addition to rolling the extra defense die.

A reminder, we ask that you try to keep posts to one question please 😉 

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