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Simultaneous Displacement with Reckless Driver Follow Up Question

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There was a question a while ago concerning Simultaneous Displacement with Reckless Driver:

Since the displacement rules don't give an exact timing for which unit is displaced first and the answer above suggests, that at least the displaced units beneath the final position of the A-A5 are displaced simultaneously, what is the correct order of progression here?

1) Every unit on the path gets displaced simultaneously and the Reckless driver can hit any unit displaced by the entire move

2) Only the units below the final position of the A-A5 get displaced simultaneously and are eligible targets for Reckless Driver

3) You move the model along the movement template. The first unit touched by the A-A5 is the one getting hit by Reckless Driver. Only if 2 (or more) units get touched exactly at the same time, you can choose which unit gets hit.

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Hey there,

Number 3 is correct. The A-A5 would move along the path created by the movement tool, and the first unit you displace would be effected by "Reckless Driver". In the rare scenario that you would displace 2 or more units simultaneously, the player controlling the Reckless Driver A-A5 would choose which unit suffers it's effect. 

Hope that helps! 


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