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Throw with no space at end position

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(Scenario 2 should read "Not enough room between terrain and C for B to fit)


These scenarios are often understood to cause a rewind effect, meaning the collision from the throw still occurs, but the model moves back to the last legal position.

I'm not sure how to come to this conclusion without outside input though

Throw reads to me as all "present tense" checks and overlap reads to me as a "future tense" check, so I'm not sure why overlapping doesn't trump throw.

Overlap would almost even seem to be setting up a can't vs can scenario.

Throw says you can perform this movement (due to it allowing you to ignore certain things)

Overlapping says if the movement your performing with your throw would cause you to overlap something at the end of it, you can't finish that movement

I'd just like to see the end ruling and the way to understand that myself from reading the book.

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I'm hoping to get clarification on a discussion going on in the facebook group regarding final model placement from throws, and the resolution of collision.

In the pictured scenario, model B has thrown model A at model C. The movement tool dictates that A will more or less land right on top of C. We know that model B is ignored, as it initiated the throw. However, the placement isn't legal because of overlap. Following the rules, model A ends its movement in its last legal position (in this case where it started). In this scenario (and any permutations of it), is a collision still resolved against model C? 

If so, could we potentially see an adjustment to the wording of the rules on Pg 15 regarding overlapping. As worded it suggests to me that the illegal movement simply never occurs, and so no collision could occur. However, it could be that what's being described is simply this game's version of "the rule of least disturbance" for forced movement? Thanks. 


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The overlapping rules do not counter the throw/push rules. When a character is thrown or pushed it moves along the movement tool until it contacts another character or terrain piece or reaches the end of the movement tool. At this point players check to see if the thrown character can be positioned where it would stop.

If it does contact another character or terrain, it will collide with it. If the model cannot be positioned there without overlapping another character or partially overlapping a terrain piece, the overlapping rules take effect and the character is moved back along the tool until it reaches a position where it can stop. This does not prevent the collision with the terrain or other character as the check for that has already happened.

If it does not contact a piece of terrain or another character, it may need to move back if it partially overlaps the a terrain piece at the end of the movement.

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