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Cover for team

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Im not sure

From pages: Cover 32
Cover type 8

I have 5 team minis. 3 are in cover (not area cover). Cover is max 30% for them. So team has cover because 3/5 has any cover or not because they have less then 50% for any mini (3 in cover) in cover? 

Ask2. Need Single mini trooper to have cover need mininum 50% cover indeed? (p.8) 


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Hey there,

To gain cover, half or more of the models in the defending unit must be in cover. If 3/5 models are determined to have cover from the perspective of the attacking unit leader to the defending miniatures, then the unit will have cover. It doesn't matter what % of the model is covered, as long as the line from attacking unit leader to defending miniature crosses a piece of cover that was agreed to give the defending unit cover. 

The same applies to single miniature units. 50% or more of a miniature or applies during the pre-game discussion when you and your opponent discuss what gives each unit in each army cover. 


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