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Cover on rooftop from same/higher elevation

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Hello there!

I have a question about determining cover for a model (single-mini unit) that is hiding on a rooftop behind a chimney. The chimney is roughly in the middle of the roof and the whole building, including the chimney, is treated as a single piece of non-area terrain granting heavy cover.

The attacker is at the same (or slightly higher) elevation as the defender, so the building itself does not get in the way. The defenders silhouette is partially oscured by the chimney, but the center to center line between the bases does not pass through the chimney.

I have attached a very rough Paint diagram of the situation (black is the terrain piece, red are the models; the grey square marks the chimney, but as mentioned the whole thing is treated as a single piece of terrain).


The cover entry (page 31-32) of the RRG states:
"If any part of a defending mini, including its base, is blocked by a piece of terrain, the player then traces an imaginary line from the center of the base of the attacker’s unit leader to the center of the base of the defending mini. If the imaginary line crosses the piece of terrain that blocked line of sight, the defending mini is obscured." (page31)
"When determining whether an imaginary line traced between the centers of two minis' bases crosses a piece of terrain, the line is always treated as horizontal to the battlefield, on a two-dimensional plain. A player should look down from above the battlefield to determine whether the imaginary line crosses a piece of terrain." (page 32)


The question is: 

Does the defending mini have cover in this situation?

And a follow-up question: Should we treat the "look from above the battlefield" described on p.32 as an "aerial view" of the battlefield? That is, does it ignore height differences and basically flattens the battlefield into a 2D map?


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