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Is it legal with Breach to drop one thermal detonator, then Daredevil boost drop one more in the system phase. And why can't Breach take Daredevil as talent.

"Rush" (57)    
    Pattern Analyzer (5)    
Ship total: 62  Half Points: 31  Threshold: 3    
Kylo Ren (77)    
    Extreme Maneuvers (5)    
Ship total: 82  Half Points: 41  Threshold: 3    
"Breach" (36)    
    Daredevil (2)    
    Adv. Proton Torpedoes (5)    
    Skilled Bombardier (2)    
    Thermal Detonators (5)    
    Engine Upgrade (3)    
Ship total: 53  Half Points: 27  Threshold: 3    
Total: 197    
View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: 

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No, while both the Tie/Se ship ability and dropping Thermal Detonators are system phase abilities, and enter the ability queue at the same time. The Tie/se does not have any abilities that trigger after dropping a device.

Daredevil (Talent) requires the ship to have a white boost on it's action bar. The Tie/se Bombers have a red boost, which don't meet the requirement to equip the Daredevil without finding a way of adding the white boost to the action bar, such as the Engine Upgrade (Modification) card.

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