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Bombs and cloaking

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I wanted to ask about this in a related thread from last week but it seems these get locked after a day for some reason.


In the actual rules reference it says "Each ship cannot place a device during the same phase that it decloaked." which implies that you cannot decloak AND THEN drop a bomb/device, but can drop/launch AND THEN decloak which seems fair.


However, in two areas here, one in the errata from early June and the other from the previously mentioned and more recent locked thread, it says "Each ship cannot drop or launch a device and decloak during the same phase." which implies that the two are completely mutually exclusive.


Which is it?

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Posts in the Rules Reference Correction thread supercede the existing Rules Reference:

As per the top post in the thread:

This thread contains official corrections to the current version of the Star Wars: X-Wing Rules Reference. These corrections supersede the authority of the Rules Reference. These corrections will be deleted whenever the Rule Reference is updated. 


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