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After declaring an attack action but before declaring the attack, x-men blue leadership is used to reduce the cost. After selecting the attack, No Matter the Cost is played to further reduce the power cost.

If power was spent through x-men blue leadership and up to 3 power can be spent on No Matter the Cost: can the attack be played without spending power from the active character (blue happens before the attack, reduces to no less than one, then No matter the cost reduces the cost again) Or, does the clause from blue leadership prevent from No Matter the Cost reducing the power cost below 1 as well?

On a four cost attack:

(a) 1 power paid to blue, 3 to No Matter the Cost and no power is spent from the attacking character (1 power from another character, 3 damage to the attacking character)


(b) 1 power paid to blue, and No Matter the Cost is effectively capped at 2; 1 power must be spent. (1 power from another character, 2 damage to and 1 power from the attacking character)

is (a) a legal play or is the interaction required to be played as in (b)?


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X-Men Blue and No Matter the Cost have the same timing—before declaring the attack. 

They do not interact so you may resolve them in the order of your choice.

X-Men Blue’s minimum cost applies to reduction from itself. Once that has resolved the cost may be further resolved by No Matter the Cost including down to 0. 

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