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A question regarding the interaction of Trickster and follow up Rapid Fire Attacks. Request clarification on the following interaction:

Moon Knight targets Loki with an initial Rapid Fire attack and triggers a follow up attack. During this follow up attack Loki is declared the target as the attack must target the original character.

Two questions on this interaction:

1. Is there an opportunity for Loki to declare Trickster on the follow up rapid fire attack?

2. Trickster states that if it is the attacker's activation, and the attack did not target multiple characters, the attacker may make another action. Does this refund the full attack action for Moon Knight if Trickster is able to be played as per point 1 above and Loki can move out of range of the attack?

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1. Yes

2. No, the action is not refunded. The current action ends and you are given permission to perform another action. (Saying the action is refunded has certain connotations to it. Its not a refunded action, it’s a new action.)

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