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Master of Illusion reads "Whenever this character rolls dice, after the effect is resolved, it gains 1 (Pow) if it rolled at least one Blank.  Additionally, this character uses its (M) Defense when making a dodge roll"

When I use a tactic card, such as reversal, that requires a character to activate it, but does not specify that the character rolls dice, would Mysterio (Or Doc Ock) get the bonus Power from their super powers?

Reversal: Unaffiliated - Reactive - "After an attack that targeted an allied character is resolved, another allied character within R3 of the attacking character may spend 2P to play this card.
Roll 4 Dice.  Deal 1D to the attacker for each ! and each @ rolled."

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You would not generate power from those superpowers for a card worded like reversal because it does not direct you to roll the dice for the character. Those superpowers will only generate power when the character is rolling its own dice/dice for itself.

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