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Agent Kallus ISB Investigation

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Had some trouble understanding how the ISB Investigation Command card works.
After both players reveal their command cards, the ISB Investigation lets Kallus player pick a number of pips on a command card. Opponent sets aside every card with the stated number of pips including or excluding the command card he just played? Also, do the command card/s with stated number of pips, stay aside untill next card command card has been reveald, or just selected? Can any player look at all the cards set aside by the ISB Investigation, or just the top one?


Thank you!

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Hey there, 

The effect of ISB Investigation happens command cards are revealed during the following command phase, so the card in play stays even if it has the number of pips declared.

They stay out of play until the next command card has been selected. The owning player may look at the set aside cards if they desire. 


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