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Cosmic Invasion Black Order Vaults - Resolving the Push

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Question: In the Cosmic Invasion Secure Crisis, I have a character that is completely overlapping the Cosmic Vault token with their base so that none of it is visible.  During the Power phase, that character rolls a Critical/Wild.  

Where does this character get pushed?  Where do I place the pivot point of the fully angled S move template?  Do I draw a line between the center point of the character and the center point of the objective token to determine what "away" means?  We 4+ it to keep the game going but could use some clarity on what the intent of the Crisis is.



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Your character gets pushed away from the vault in the same manner a character would be pushed by another character (except the objective is the origin of the push).

If the character is overlapping the token, players draw the line normally (page 18 of the rulebook has a good picture) to determine the direction.

If the players cannot tell which direction would be away due to the character being centered on the objective, the opponent may push in any direction because all of them are away.

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