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Flurry/Martial prowess and dazes

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How does martial prowess get resolved in the following case?

Given Valkyrie has two remaining stamina and attacks a character with prowess 

1. Valkyrie attacks with dragon fang 

2. defender uses the martial prowess power

3. Valkyrie rolls a wild for flurry

4. Defender blocks everything

5. Valkyrie performs a strike For the flurry

6. defender uses martial prowess again

7. defender fails to block and becomes dazed





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  • 2 years later...

This ruling is being modified.

The answer is now that Valkyrie will take no damage as a result of Martial Prowess.

Even though the superpower was triggered and used prior to the defender being dazed, the effect can no longer resolve if they are Dazed or KO'd.

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