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Ground Vehicle movement

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On pages 8 through 9 in the RRG it shows charts detailing the movement for types of terrain.  However under the ground vehicle movement summary on pg 60 it states,



While performing a standard move, a ground vehicle can move onto or over a piece of a terrain that has a height that is equal to or less than half the height of the unit leader’s mini.


Is the rules on page 60 for all terrain that is not defined by the charts on pages 8-9?  An example, a Gav tank coming up to what is considered a low wall, under the chart it can go through it as open terrain (even though it is more then half its height), but if it came up to a wall that was neither low or high, you would then use the page 60 to see if it could go over it or not.

Or do we use what is found on page 60 for all movement with a vehicle, meaning a Gav tank may not even go over some little crates or sandbags?

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